Welcome to the Rosie Dance page, the Home of the Dancing Elephants. Below I have written a little about the history of the Dancing Elephants and where they came from. On this page you can see many of the moves the Dancing Elephants possess. But, nothing is as good as seeing them LIVE. They perform at just about every sporting event held in Hulbert Arena. So look for them during Rose's volleyball and basketball home games, while you root on our Fightin' Engineers!


The dancing elephants were born in the fall of 1999 when I began working on the Matrix. The Matrix is the electronic sign above the scoreboard in Hulbert Arena. During sporting events, I put signs up on the board announcing starters at games, cheers during games, and other various announcements and signs; including of course, the Dancing Elephants. I decided to create the Dancing Elephants as something to display on the Matrix while music is played during time outs. Sometimes the Elephants even appear during halftime shows when the Dance Team performs.

About this Page

I decided to make a page dedicated to the Dancing Elephants, because well, look at them... THEY ARE COOL! :-) If you notice, next time you visit the page, or if you refresh the page, the elephants are re-randomized. The song that you should be hearing right now if your sound is on and you support windows media audio, is the Rose-Hulman fight song chipmunk style :-)

Well, thats about all for now. Thanks for visiting, and come back and see the Dancing Elephants again sometime soon!

Rosies In Action!

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