Welcome. My name is Jason Wentland and I graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. I double majored in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I graduated at the end of winter term, March 2003, and am currently working at Continental Automotive. My interests lie in working in software development and embedded systems.

Again, I haven't updated my website in over 2 years, so I better do so now and get rid of some old info.

If you know me and have stumbled upon my website and would like to get ahold of me, you can look me up on Facebook.

I basically made up this website in college in order to host web pages for projects I was working on. Nowadays it's mainly a placeholder for my domain.

You cant deny that the Dancing Elephants are cool. They appear on the electronic sign in Hulbert Arena at Rose's volleyball or basketball home games. So, check out there page and find out more about them.

Download my Rose-Hulman Winamp skin that I made my freshman year. You can also find it in the Winamp2 skins section on Winamp.com.

You can find super cheap prices on anything for computers at Pricewatch. I would recommend bookmarking this site and using it to find the lowest prices on computer products.

Dictionary.com is a very nice online dictionary.

DeadAIM is the best ad blocker for AOL instant messenger. It also adds other features to AIM. I highly recommend using it if you have AIM.

The following are links to pages I have made for my projects at Rose.
Current Projects:
ECE460 - Engineering Design (Senior Project)
CS490 - WBIS: XML/XSL/PHP Schedule search project
CS451 - Advanced Graphics: Projcets from Advanced Graphics
Website for Venture Marketing: venturetoys.net - Online catalog and store. Buy DieCast cars.

Past Project:
ECE360 - Principles of Design

If you have any questions for me, you can contact me at fyta2000(at)yahoo(dot)com,
or through AOL Instant Messenger: Add Me - Message Me.

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